What is Cuddle therapy?

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

I know I know! You’re saying well what’s that then, or maybe ooer missus. n nudge breasts, a bit like Les Dawson.

Actually folks, it’s the most beautiful of therapies and I was amazed at how I felt after receiving just one session. Subsequent sessions were even more blissful, yummy and downright gorgeous.

So….how did I get into this?

Are you sitting comfortably…or lying down on nice fluffy cushions… just whatever suits you….then I'll begin my story. I went to a Cuddle group workshop and although was a bit unsure at first as these people were all strangers, we practised boundary setting, and there were a few rules to abide by to keep us all comfortable and safe. Then there were more exercises to help us feel relaxed and we had the opportunity to ask for what we wished…. hair stroked, caress on arms and face…snuggle up against someone or several people….it was delightful. Afterwards, I felt so incredibly relaxed and connected to the group.

I did some more workshops and then decided it would be so lovely to offer this myself on an individual basis so I could really tune in to my clients and they would decide the pace and which of the holds they would prefer.

More next time folks!

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Vitaldanza facilitator; Solution-focused Counsellor, Hypnotherapist & Cuddle Therapist