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Vitaldanza and my journey into it.

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

Vitaldanza dancers

I was looking for something different following some personal challenges, including something that would challenge me in a gentle way. I felt very physically stiff, and emotionally exhausted.

Going along to my first Vitaldanza session was scary as I felt so undancer-like, never having been interested in dance because of a load of insecurities about how I looked, as I was quite big and didn’t want to be seen. I was so encouraged by the facilitator that gradually I let down my guard and began to enjoy the feel of my body stretching, expressing and moving in a variety of ways in the different dances. I still hid in the group for ages but slowly confidence in how my body was beginning to loosen up meant feeling so much more positive about myself. This translated to feeling increased positivity in all other areas of my life too.

Physical benefits include reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, losing weight and toning up. Emotional benefits include happiness, a deeper sense of connection to myself and to others. Mental benefits include thinking more clearly and keeping focused.

After some years of attending classes I trained and qualified as a Vitaldanza facilitator myself. Now I love being seen because it’s an opportunity to show others that you can move beyond your perceived limitations….and how!

I am very approachable, kind, and have a passion to help people progress. I love all sorts of music. My desire is to encourage people to try something new, within their own capabilities…and be surprised at themselves how those capabilities can be extended!

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Vitaldanza facilitator; Solution-focused Counsellor, Hypnotherapist & Cuddle Therapist