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What makes you tick? What makes me tick?

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

I was always interested in what made people do what they did, thought what they thought….just what DID made them tick?

I’d been to an event where a Hypnotherapist was chatting about what he did and the amazing abilities of the subconscious mind to bypass the conscious mind. He was giving details of people overcoming phobias, stopping problematic behaviours like nail-biting, stopping smoking, reducing anxiety/stress, improving performance [exams, sporting, musical, and sexual] and even reducing/blocking pain. I was intrigued!

I came across some training but actually I wasn’t ready to commit to it as I was really busy as Head of Music in a school and that took most of my time. A few years later though I realised I was still absolutely fascinated by the journey that people could take with a skilled Hypnotherapist. I researched around and found a training school which suited me. There was a lot of practice and homework required and ongoing assessment. I then qualified in Hypnotherapy.

More in my next Hypno blog! And I’ll also include some info on Past Life Regression! Another intriguing subject.

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