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About Chris

Chris has many years experience, initially in Counselling and Bereavement, followed by Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression and then finally with Cuddle Therapy and Vitaldanza. Her qualifications include:

  • CPCAB Diploma in Counselling

  • Diploma in VitalDanza

  • B.Ed.Hons Music and Education

  • CRUSE Certificate of Bereavement Training

  • Diploma in Hypnotherapy

  • Certificate of Past Life Regression

Chris is very approachable, kind, and she has a passion to help people progress. Her desire is to encourage people to try something new, within their own capabilities, and be surprised at themselves how those capabilities can be extended!


Cuddle Session

M.S., Hove 2018

Deep healing, and such deep peace. Chris held the space for me to unwind, relax and allow me to be physically held so I was able to experience letting go of my overactive mind and achieving great calm.This has stayed with me.


Hypnotherapy - Past Life

P.R., Brighton 2017

I was very sceptical as I am a retired police officer and this was bought for me as a birthday present. I had repeatedly said I wouldn’t go under but actually I did, and it was amazing. I found out some information that I then went and checked up on afterwards and it all tallied.


A.M., West Sussex 2019

Chris is an inspiring facilitator of Vital Danza. She is very embodied in both her teaching and dance and I feel very held in the space that she creates which allows me to feel totally free to express my self through dance. I have seen first hand how she has used Vital Danza to enrich her own life and I love working with teachers who walk the walk.

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Vitaldanza facilitator; Solution-focused Counsellor, Hypnotherapist & Cuddle Therapist